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Myanmar Mini-Grid Financing Options & ASEAN Regional Power Trading

December 16, 2019

Delphos International is pleased to announce the official release of its report, “Closing the Financing Gap: Assessing Options for Decentralized Renewable Energy Mini-Grids in Myanmar.” Delphos served as the lead author of the report, which was commissioned by Smart Power Myanmar. Delphos worked with key donors, DFIs, commercial banks, developers, the Government of Myanmar, and other stakeholders to analyze the barriers preventing private investment, estimate the financing gap, and recommend several financing structures to help unlock the mini-grid sector’s potential of $3+ billion of investment.

Supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, Smart Power Myanmar’s goal is to accelerate the development of decentralized renewable energy solutions in Myanmar and transform the long-term economic potential of millions of people that lack reliable access to electricity.

The report comes on the heels of several recent articles citing our previous USTDA-funded work for Myanmar’s Ministry of Energy and Electricity. That study was recently discussed in Frontier Myanmar (here and here), as well in in The Irrawaddy.

In addition, Delphos International recently served as one of the principal contributors to the International Energy Agency (“IEA”) commissioned report, “Establishing Multilateral Power Trade in ASEAN”, which was published in August 2019. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (“ASEAN”) member states have a long-standing goal of increasing regional energy integration. The report discusses international best practices and provides concrete recommendations – focusing on the political, technical, and institutional requirements – for establishing multilateral power trading in the region.

Delphos International’s Eric Shumway and Varun Hallikeri presented the findings of the report at a workshop for regional stakeholders in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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