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April 23, 2024

Investing in Women: A Pillar of Growth

Delphos recently hosted a memorable dinner event in Washington, D.C. commemorating Women’s History Month alongside Counterpart International. Twenty Influential leaders from various fields engaged in enlightening and impactful conversations aimed at empowering women entrepreneurs. Ambassador Roya Rahmani and Lauren Imparato, from Delphos, played pivotal roles as advocates for this noble cause.

Amidst the sophisticated ambiance, Ambassador Rahmani and Camille Richardson, Vice President of Women’s Empowerment at Counterpart, moderated the discussions and guided the conversation towards actionable strategies. There is still a significant lack of women’s economic parity and access to capital in finance. We explored ways of how this can be addressed and scaled up in meaningful ways to not only bring more support to women entrepreneurs, but also to scale up existing female entrepreneurs’ access and address this funding gap.

The event underscored the continual strides towards gender equality, emphasizing the significance of collaborative initiatives in effecting meaningful change across our communities and industries. In the words of Amb. Rahmani, “At Delphos, we believe that making positive impact and ensuring diversity and inclusion is a very important pillar of the business’s sustainability and growth.  This cannot be achieved unless we invest in providing more opportunities for women. “

As we look back on the event’s success, we express gratitude to all participants for their invaluable contributions and reiterate our determination to catalyze positive change for women globally. Such events reflect Delphos’ unwavering dedication to advancing women’s progress and nurturing inclusive business environments.

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