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March 19, 2024

Empowering Connections: Delphos ‘Drinks & Discovery’ Series Kick-Starts Impactful Conversations in Nairobi

Delphos unveiled its Kenyan ‘Drinks & Discovery’ series event in Nairobi this year, now sold out for the third month in a row. The gathering successfully brings together more than two dozen inspiring Kenyan colleagues and entrepreneurs, fostering a vibrant platform for exchanging ideas on impactful projects within the East Africa region. Andrew Brown from the Washington D.C. office alongside local team members have played instrumental roles in facilitating connections and fostering discussions both at the event and after.

The overwhelming response to Delphos’ initiative not only highlights the company’s dedication to building connections and advancing capital access in East Africa, but the vast potential and excitement there is for investment and growth in the region as a whole.

Furthermore, the oversubscription of the Nairobi event series serves has reinforced Delphos’ ability to create dialogues, and in such, progress.

In the words of Owens Otieno of our Nairobi office, “We were thrilled to be able to bring together a diverse set of stakeholders in our vibrant Nairobi as we scale up our efforts and work with key partners.”  This attitude is already establishing a robust foundation for forthcoming events, assuring a conducive space where ideas flourish, partnerships thrive, and businesses grow.

Nairobi’s Drinks & Discovery is an invaluable platform for collaboration and marks an exciting phase for Delphos in the region by fostering connections and engendering insightful market discussions.  On to the next!

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