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September 25, 2023

Delphos Shines at NABA’s Annual Conference: Paving the Way for Africa’s Bright Future

In the heart of Oslo, the Norwegian African Business Association (NABA) recently hosted its highly anticipated annual conference on 5th of September, where I had the honor of speaking. Africa presents tremendous near-term investment potential and has bright prospects over the medium and long term due to demographic trends and the continent’s propensity to innovate. Under the banner of “Global Energy Transition, Finance and Investment, Sustainable Development and Geopolitical trends,” the NABA conference served as a beacon of hope in a world navigating the complex challenges of climate change and economic sustainability. We discussed the exciting prospects of financing projects across the African continent, and I was able to pull on the decades of experience we at Delphos have in the region. In particular, I highlighted the need for base power and infrastructure across the continent, and how it paves the way for manufacturing and industrialization capabilities, underlining that Africa has the potential to be a global engine across future generations and Africa is not just a land of opportunity, but a land of endless possibilities.

Renewable energy was another critical focus – Africa stands as a shining example of untapped renewable energy potential. According to the IEA, Africa is home to 60% of the best global solar resources but only 1% of installed solar capacity. This is just one of a list of statistics one can quote to highlight the immense potential. Delphos is committed to supporting projects that harness Africa’s abundant natural resources, from solar to wind energy, electric vehicles, and batteries, which not only address climate concerns but also drive economic growth and job creation across the continent.

As we look ahead, it is crucial to embrace the spirit of collaboration and innovation. Delphos, through its participation in NABA, continues to foster partnerships that transcend borders and create opportunities that benefit all. With a positive tone and an unwavering commitment to Africa’s potential, Delphos is poised to play a leading role in shaping a better future for the continent.

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