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Delphos Launches Strategic Partnership with Impact Boards

Delphos is pleased to announce a first of its kind strategic partnership with Impact Boards Emerging Markets to accelerate positive change starting with corporate boards.

The collaboration will center upon co-hosted, intimate events with local companies’ Board of Directors in aims of elevating sustainability and transparency in business practices, as well as tackling sustainable infrastructure development and the climate transition across Latin America, Africa, EMEA and Southeast Asia.

“Leadership is critical to sustainable growth, and we are thrilled and delighted to embark on this partnership with Impact Boards to help engender best practices for companies across emerging markets for not only today, but tomorrow,” Delphos Chairman and CEO, Bart Turtelboom.

“As part of our strategy to bring the best practices of corporate governance, improve diversity and address climate change at the board level, this partnership with Delphos will accelerate our efforts to empower board members, especially women, through engagement and shared expertise across Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Our goal is to equip board directors with the tools to navigate challenges and deliver sustainable growth for their companies. We look forward to collaborating with Delphos to make a meaningful impact on corporate governance across Emerging Markets,” said Olga Pascault, Co-Founder of Impact Boards EM.

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