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September 25, 2023

Delphos at UNGA 78: Navigating Global Challenges with Purpose

As the 78th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) kicked off in New York City, the world came together to tackle the pressing global challenges of our time. Delphos, being committed to sustainable development and positive change, is proud to be part of this remarkable gathering, as the global community converges to find solutions for a brighter future.

The UNGA is an annual congregation of world leaders, policymakers, influencers, and advocates, with a singular goal: addressing some of the most critical global issues. This year’s assembly, held from September 18th to September 26th, 2023, is particularly significant. From public health crises to climate change and human rights concerns, the challenges are immense. UNGA 78 served as a platform for leaders from all corners of the globe to come together, share insights, and chart a course toward overcoming these challenges.

The company’s presence at UNGA 78 is a testament to its commitment to positive global change. Delphos has long been at the forefront of fostering economic development, sustainable finance, and responsible investments in emerging markets.

At the heart of Delphos’ mission is a dedication to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UNGA 78 provided a unique opportunity for Delphos to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations, share knowledge, and explore partnerships that can accelerate progress toward achieving these vital goals by 2030.

During the assembly, Delphos actively participated in various events, which focused on climate change, green financing, the role of the private sector in environment sustainability and tackling mental health, technology trends, sustainable development, ESG, and Africa’s investment environment and its prospects.

Through these engagements, Delphos seeks to leverage its expertise and networks to drive positive change in the realms of economic development, environmental sustainability, and social progress.

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