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Delphos Advises on LNG-to-Power in South Africa

A Delphos International-led consortium recently won a competitive tender to perform a feasibility study of a proposed integrated liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) importation and gas-to-power project in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. The study will analyze and provide recommendations to the Green Cape Sector Development Agency on market demand, socioeconomic impacts and other critical elements of developing a robust business case for the $1.5 billion project, which includes the importation of LNG at Saldanha Bay, the development of gas storage, transmission and distribution infrastructure in the Western Cape, and the utilization of LNG to generate electricity, as well as for industrial, transportation, and commercial purposes. The $800,000 study is funded by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (“USTDA”). Previously, Delphos was awarded a USTDA-funded engagement to support South Africa’s 3 GW LNG-to-power program.

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