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May 15, 2023

Closing the Gender Digital Divide

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In the world’s most populous, youthful, and fastest-growing regions, women are being left behind – and they are half of the population. Across emerging markets, 90% of young women and teenage girls –– nearly 65 million individuals –– are offline. In eastern and southern Africa just 18% of young women use the internet.

Delphos is committed to changing that reality. It is in that spirit that we are honored to be partnering with The White House to jointly work toward closing the gender digital divide, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Chair, Ambassador Roya Rahmani, former Afghan Ambassador to the U.S., joined U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris in Zambia last month during the launch of the Digital Coalition Program. In collaboration with other private and public entities, we then committed to mobilize $250 million by 2027 to advance women’s economic security across the African region. Of that, $100 million will be for projects that target women’s digital equality and their clean energy contributions.

“Delphos is committed to advancing women’s economic security across Africa and promoting women’s empowerment, even more important as Africa is the only region in the world that has more women entrepreneurs than men,” Amb. Rahmani said.

Throughout her career, Amb. Rahmani has led numerous initiatives related to women’s empowerment. She continues to advocate for gender equality as a key driver of political and social change.

Working now in partnership with The White House, we have a unique opportunity to move one step closer toward that aim.

Women’s access to digital technologies is not merely a matter of connectivity. It is one of individual liberty –– of education, employment, health, and innovation. Of economic growth and stability. Advancing women’s empowerment, too, is a moral and strategic imperative whose time is long overdue.  Delphos is eager to help.

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