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March 19, 2024

Building Bridges: The U.S.- Türkiye Green Tech Mission

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with Turkish and U.S. government entities, orchestrated a Green Tech mission to Istanbul and Ankara with the objective of fortifying the relationship between the two nations and advancing green technology initiatives, energy transition, and climate cooperation. Notable figures in attendance included Bart Turtelboom, Chair and CEO of Delphos, and Ambassador Roya Rahmani, Chair of the Delphos International Board. The mission’s highlights featured a warm reception hosted by U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, Ambassador Jeffry Flake, at his residence in Ankara, alongside a series of high-level government roundtables in Ankara with Vice President H.E. Cevdet Yilmaz, Minister of Industry and Technology H.E. Mehmet Fatih Kacir, and Minister of Treasury and Finance H.E. Mehmet Simsek. These discussions were aimed at catalyzing transformative change in green technology, energy transition, and climate cooperation, laying the groundwork for collaborative efforts to reshape the future landscape of sustainability.

Turkey emerges as a promising frontier for green technology endeavors, boasting significant potential for sustainable development. Its strategic geographical position bridging Europe and Asia, combined with its skilled workforce, established industrial infrastructure, and ambitious energy transition goals offer a solid groundwork for the development and implementation of green technologies. Acknowledging this potential, the mission aimed to capitalize on the momentum from past engagements, including discussions at the 2023 United Nations General Assembly and outcomes of COP28 in Dubai, to foster tangible actions for environmental stewardship and economic growth. Furthermore, it aimed to establish a recurring mechanism for sustained dialogue and cooperation between U.S. and Turkish entities in the green technology and energy sectors.

In the words of Ambassador Roya Rahmani, “Events like the US Green Tech Mission to Turkey are great opportunities for connecting with relevant stakeholders, counterparts, and officials in the host country. It provides a holistic overview of the business environment and the potential for partnerships. It is also a wonderful platform to learn and share information related to the industry with other members of the mission, which you may not have had the opportunity to do otherwise.”

Delphos’ commitment to driving positive change in green technology, energy transition, and climate cooperation is exemplified through its active participation in the U.S.-Turkey Business Council’s Green Tech Mission. By collaborating with diverse stakeholders from government, private sector, and civil society, Delphos helps set the stage for actionable recommendations and collaborative endeavors that have the potential to reshape the future landscape of sustainability, showcasing its dedication to making a lasting impact on global environmental challenges.

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