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May 21, 2024

AI & the Future: Ambassador Roya Rahmani Speaks

The Chair of Delphos International, Ambassador Roya Rahmani, recently took center stage at a duo of prestigious events igniting hope for sustainable growth and inclusive development in emerging markets. At the commencement speech for the 11th cohort of the IFC-Milken Institute Capital Market Scholars Program, she shared her leadership journey, emphasizing Delphos‘ dedication to making a tangible impact through investments and internship opportunities. Esteemed dignitaries like John Gandolfo from IFC, Mike Piwowar from Milken Institute Finance, and Raj Kanungo from The George Washington University School of Business along with Amb. Rahmani highlighted the importance of fostering future leaders driving global economic and policy spheres.

The graduates of the IFC-Milken Institute Capital Market Scholars Program were graced with invaluable wisdom from Amb. Rahmani, distilled from her own pioneering leadership journey. Her commencement speech was a masterclass on the “transformative power of access to finance” that Delphos has championed relentlessly across the globe’s most underserved regions. “At Delphos, we’ve witnessed firsthand how opportunities for inclusive finance can uplift communities and propel economies forward,” she affirmed. Amb. Rahmani painted a visionary picture of the immense potential awaiting the scholars as drivers of positive change. “Emerging markets offer vast opportunities ripe for innovative solutions. With your sound strategies, you are poised to make an indelible impact that will reverberate for generations.” Her stirring words were a clarion call for the IFC/Milken graduates to embrace their mantle as “the catalysts to lead emerging markets through this pivotal moment of transformation.”

Transitioning from the commencement speech to the Milken panel, Amb. Rahmani’s resounding voice joined the “Navigating the Polycrisis” panel. She joined fellow luminaries in exploring how advanced technologies like artificial intelligence can be responsibly leveraged as a powerful tool for bolstering resilience and inclusive economic prosperity. It explored how AI could aid forecasting polycrisis consequences like unrest, identifying location-specific drivers, and designing holistic interventions for inclusive development in emerging markets. However, it also examined AI’s risks of perpetuating bias with discriminatory outcomes. The panel framed the “polycrisis” as concurrent global environmental, economic, social, public health and geopolitical crises whose complex relationships demand innovative solutions.

With her address, Amb. Rahmani brought to life the transformative prospects that emerging markets offer. With over 75% of global land and 80% of global GDP growth yet only represent 11.7% of the global market cap, these markets are poised for exponential growth. Sharing the stage with renowned speakers, including L Comfort Ero, Jalak Jobanputra, Bartlett Russell and Chris Mahony, Amb. Rahmani’s message was unequivocal: Delphos is committed to catalyzing positive change in emerging markets through investing in future leaders and leveraging innovative technologies like AI to pave the way for a more equitable future.

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