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Acquisition of Delphos International, Ltd. by APQ Global Limited

March 3, 2020

Delphos International (“Delphos”) is very pleased to announce that it has been acquired by APQ Global Limited (“APQ Global”), a Guernsey-based company quoted on the AIM market and listed on the TISE market. APQ Global is a diversified financial services company offering capital, consulting and communications solutions for businesses in growth markets.

Building on its 33-year legacy, Delphos will continue to provide financial advisory services from its Washington, DC headquarters and satellite offices in the New York metro area, Miami and Hong Kong, offering capital raising and transaction advisory solutions for infrastructure projects, corporates, SMEs, and financial institutions in the global emerging markets.

The combination with APQ Global offers Delphos the benefits of access to a broader array of capital and risk solutions in all industries of focus: Power, Financial Services, Telecom, Media & Technology, Real Estate, Social Infrastructure, Hospitality, Oil and Gas, Ports, Mining and Agribusiness, as well as the ability to grow its team and resources to better serve its diverse client base.

The Partners of Delphos International, Bill Delphos, Linda Habgood and Slav Gatchev, commented:

“We are excited to grow our business and expand our client service offerings as part of APQ while continuing our commitment to independent and creative advice, dedication to client service, and timely, high-quality results.”

Bart Turtelboom, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of APQ Global, commented:

“We are delighted to acquire Delphos International Ltd. Delphos has an award-winning history and proven track record of delivering results for clients. The combination illustrates well our focus on emerging markets as part of our long-term strategy. Furthermore, by adding Delphos to our portfolio of companies, we believe that there is a clearly defined opportunity to achieve strong shareholder return.”

APQ Global Limited

APQ Global (ticker: APQ LN) is an AIM- and TISE-listed company with interests across Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The Company’s objective is to steadily grow earnings to deliver attractive returns and capital growth to shareholders. This objective is achieved through a combination of revenue generating operating activities and investing in growing businesses across emerging markets. APQ Global runs a well-diversified and liquid portfolio and takes strategic stakes in selected businesses with a focus on emerging markets.

For more information, please visit APQ Global’s website.

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